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Tracy Renee Wolfe is an author, lover of books, Christian, wife, mom, animal lover, geek, and Hokie. She lives in her native state of Virginia with her husband and son. She loves all furry animals, including rats, and is known for stopping to pet any dog she encounters.

As a self-professed geek, she loves science fiction and fantasy and fervently defends her belief that Star Trek and Star Wars are not mutually exclusive fandoms. She considers herself to be an online extrovert and an offline introvert, leading to her love of social media. Additionally, she shares many interests with little kids, such as Disney movies, the opinion that no food can be “too sweet”, and cheesy poetry that rhymes. An example of the latter can be found in the poetry anthology, “Our Virginia: The State For Lovers.” Her debut novel, “Abducted Hope,” is a new-adult, space opera, from Filles Vertes Publishing. Facebook TwitterGoodreadsFilles Vertes PublishingPinterest


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